In Michigan, Potholes Come With the Territory

Get asphalt repairs in Canton, Ann Arbor
and throughout Michigan

The wet and wintry weather we experience in Michigan leaves roads, driveways, parking lots and other hard surfaces susceptible to cracks and potholes. As water infiltrates even the smallest of crevices and then freezes, it expands and creates a cavity. When the ice melts, the void created becomes an unsightly and potentially harmful crack or pothole. Asphalt deterioration in Michigan is unavoidable, but it is amendable.

Hard Top Paving has provided professional residential, commercial and industrial asphalt repair and new installation solutions in the Canton and Ann Arbor, Michigan area for over 35 years. Restore the look and value of your Michigan property with a flawless asphalt surface. We treat every job with professionalism and guarantee customer satisfaction on all jobs. If you need asphalt repairs or installation of a new hard top surface, call Hard Top Paving today for a free estimate.

Asphalt is more durable in cold weather and less expensive than concrete

Asphalt installations and repairs in Canton, Ann Arbor and surrounding Michigan areas

While concrete and asphalt are common choices for hard top surfaces, asphalt has proven to be the more cost-effective material, especially in colder climates like we experience in Michigan. Canton, Ann Arbor and surrounding communities that outfit their homes and businesses with asphalt will have a beautiful, low maintenance hard top surface for many years. Call Hard Top Paving today for a free estimate on asphalt repairs and new installations for your:

• Private roads
• Driveways
• Major roadways and highways
• Subdivisions
• Parking lots
• Restaurants
• Shopping centers
• Gas stations

Protect your hard surfaces with seal coating treatments

Sealcoating is an important part of asphalt maintenance in Canton and Ann Arbor, MI

Properly maintaining your asphalt surface will extend its life and prevent the need for costly repairs or replacement. Sealcoating is necessary periodically, and our experts can determine when your asphalt surfaces will need another application. Aside from creating a consistent black surface, sealcoating benefits your asphalt surfaces by:

• Reducing UV damage
• Creating a surface that is easily cleaned
• Facilitating ice and snow removal
• Resisting oil and chemical infiltration
• Repelling water, reducing the effects of damage from freezing

At Hard Top Paving, we take the installation and maintenance of asphalt surfaces in Michigan seriously because we understand the effect damaged surfaces have on the value and function of your property. If you would like to equip your home or business in the Canton or Ann Arbor, Michigan area with a durable hard top surface, call Hard Top Paving today for a free estimate.

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